I’m looking out my window at sunshine, which is illuminating a bouquet of tulips I cut yesterday evening. The light gives their petals a look of transparency, reminding me that life is fragile, and fleeting, like Spring’s first blooms. That’s no reason not to enjoy every moment, however. Too often, we overlook that which is right in front of our eyes, missing the small miracles daily life has to offer.

Today, take a moment to pause. To catch your breath. To just….BE….in the here and now. Notice the changes Spring has brought to the landscape–the fresh green sprinkled with new color. Birds building nests, the music of their songs. Close your eyes for a moment and feel life pulsing in your veins. Count your blessings. Be grateful, for no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.

The practice of mindfulness can enrich you life in ways you never imagined. It can be tricky in today’s fast-paced way of living but I guarantee it will bring you peace, and a new sense of your place in the universe. Try it!

Love, light, and blessings to you today! ❤


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