New Year, New Goals….

It’s close enough to the end of year (and where did 2016 go, anyway?!) that I’m thinking of goals. You know, the kind I can actually meet. 2016 has been filled with happiness and sorrow, loss and gain, and the usual assortment of everyday experiences. My family is well, immersed in work that fulfills them, creatively and spiritually. We all have jobs and no one goes hungry. I have much to be grateful for and I hope you do, too. This year I got involved with ViewBug and while that has been a wonderful experience, it didn’t leave a lot of time for posting here. Hence, one of my goals for the new year: post at least once a month.

I’m grateful to all of you who stuck with me even in the leaner times and look forward to reacquainting myself with you. Bright blessings to you today! xo



  1. Way to go, Celia. Don’t pile too much on you but go slow. If things progress faster then YAY!! I have seen so much of your work on FB and you are just so good. Keep on having FUN. I set no goals to be honest with you. I Intend daily what my Heart guides me to do and I do it. At the very least I do my best to do so. ❤

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