You are right where you’re supposed to be . . .

Becoming, Full Shot, Quotation + Watermark          Afternoon Shots  June 11 2012 014

Trust the process. xo



  1. I am so glad you put this one in here. I loved it when I saw it last week, it is a lovely photo paired with wisdom. Pretty awesome, Celia.

  2. A great reminder that patience is important. And not trying to control the process is key. Just let it happen as it was intended. to happen. ❤ Beautiful photo!

    • Thank you, my Spirit Sister! You understand the symbolism behind butterflies, for me; it’s something we share. Patience has been a tough lesson for me….one I’m still learning. Photography has taught me much about that virtue! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. xo ❤

      • I do understand the significance, all too well, Spirit Sister! I am enjoying my Sunday and I hope you are, too. I am loving this cool weather after all the heat for so long. I know it will come back for a while. But, this is such a wonderful reprieve.xo<3

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