A Second Look….

I’ve been delving into my archives lately, looking for shots with possibility….shots that I passed over when I took them, thinking they had no value. The featured photo here is an excellent example of that: a pair of morning glory blooms in sunlight. No big deal, right? Ordinary as dirt. And yet….how it is that until today I never noticed the shadow of the bee on the larger flower? Photography is about light, but it’s also about shadows. And this is one shadow that made the shot. Finding hidden treasures in my archives is one way to chart personal growth, as my eye becomes more accustomed to looking for the small, often overlooked details, and my skill level increases enough to know how to make them the focus.

If you’re a photographer, I challenge you to look in your archives this week, to see what undiscovered beauty waits for you there. Happy hunting!

Morning Glory Duo with Bee Shadow, Watermark             DSCF5744 (2)



  1. I have SO much in real time that I have NO time to go into archives, Celia. LOL My goodness things are starting to pop up everywhere! OH for the JOY!!! Great photograph!! ❤

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