Burning Moon

I was born under a burning moon,
in a year of leanness and hardship.
My parents hoped for a strong son
but fate handed them me, instead,
a puny, six-pound squalling female child.
My mother barely had enough milk to feed me.
The elders said the burning moon
was a bad portent for a girl.
I would be stubborn, they said, strong-willed,
determined to forge my own path,
unheeding of danger.
No man would want such a woman
for his wife,
they told me as I grew.
They tried to shame me, to shape and twist me,
hammer me into their likeness
with their harsh words.
They failed.
Their criticism made me try harder.
And as I grew, I learned they were wrong.
About everything.
I am strong, resilient. Independent. Fierce, yet gentle.
Kind to others without subservience.
Wise in the ways of the woods,
the fields and streams,
my sisters and brothers the animals,
the wisdom of the wind,
the moon, the sun and stars,
the voices of my guardian spirits.
I love freely,
and am loved in return by my partner,
my equal. As I am his.
We dance together, under the burning moon.
This is what I will teach my children:
Listen to your heart; it always speaks the truth.
Let the burning moon ignite your soul!
Find your own path and walk it
with purpose, strength and honor.
Remember your roots,
respect those who gave you life.
Live joyously, my children!
Dance with abandon under the burning moon!
And know that when the time comes
for your final rest,
your ancestors will walk toward you
with smiling faces and open arms,
welcoming you into eternity.

Burning Moon


    • Thank you so much–I’m pleased that you like it! I just came to me this morning, and I could hear the voice of the speaker so clearly, a wise, strong, Native American woman. The photo is a composite creation, and was, as I’m sure you could tell, the inspiration for the words. Sending you bright blessings to you today, my sister! ❤

  1. Thank you for saying a little bit more Celia … yes, a clear, strong feminine voice indeed! To be honest you had me at the title ‘Burning Moon’ just awesome from start to finish. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Deborah–I’m happy knowing people connect with my words and images. These two were meant to go together! I have learned so much from my wise and wonderful daughter, a shaman and intuitive reader. Bright Spring wishes to you, as well, sister! ❤

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