I Remember Mama

Thinking of you today, Mom…..love you always!


Mom, Crop, Ex-22      Lunch! 001 (2)My mother was a quiet woman. She lived her life in the background, overshadowed by dad’s more authoritative personality. Home and family–that was her focus. As spring approaches, I find myself thinking of her. That in itself isn’t unusual; even though she’s gone, mom remains part of my life. I think of her often.

When we were small, mom and my two aunts would bundle us into the car for a trip to the woods to pick wildflowers. We packed a lunch, and jars of water for the plants. Scarves for our heads to keep the ticks away. Digging tools, because Aunt Julie like to transplant wildflowers to her home garden (this was an era before you could purchase bulbs or seeds for almost everything).

I remember the cathedral-like silence of the woods, the smell of damp and exotic growing things. Bloodroot. Dutchman’s Breeches. Anemones, with their delicate pink petals…

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother, Celia! Those special moments are so precious and the things we learn within a mother/daughter relationship is priceless.

    • She wasn’t a ‘warm fuzzy’ mom when I was growing up….but after dad was gone she opened up a lot. By the time she passed we were in a good place, comfortable with each other. I’m glad, now, that we reached that level of honesty, understanding and acceptance of each other, which is seems is only found with time and maturity.

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