Wishing Star

I enjoy pushing the envelope with my photos, taking them beyond what I begin with into something else, a new creation. So it is with this photo, which began life as a trio of rose gladiolas. It evolved through several editing steps until I arrived at an image I was pleased with.

Abstract, Deep Space     Pink Gladiola III    -31-2013 005

No matter how old we are or where life takes us….we never outgrow the urge to wish on a star.

Refuge (Or, The Ant vs. The Universe)

When I first worked with this photo it was about the flower, the lack of symmetry in the petals and the way that correlated to life’s imperfections. Then I noticed the ant seeking refuge and was reminded of how vast and unknowable the universe is….and how tiny we are, how fleeting our existence in comparison to eternity. What we take away from an image sometimes depends on what we are seeking, or on our focus.

Refuge, Final Crop          Flahrz   July 2, 2012 042