Time To Reflect…..

Today is New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2015. This year, with all it’s happy, sad, crazy, wonderful, fulfilling, challenging, wonderful moments is spinning its way down to the final hours, a patchwork quilt of memories, stitched together with the golden thread of time. I posted this thought on my Facebook page on Christmas Eve and enjoyed reading how some of my friends imagined their quilt. The universal theme expressed was that their design contained both bright squares (happiness) and somber (sorrow), as life isn’t made up of solely of either. The past year is known, it’s shape and texture….while the new one lies ahead, bright and shining with promise and anticipation.

What will you do with the new year? What will you create? Think about it….because life should be lived with the awareness of each day’s gift. Live mindfully, with purpose and gratitude. Begin with you, because everything radiates outward. Just as we pack away our Christmas decorations, ‘pack away’ those things in your life that no longer serve you. Pruning, after all, encourages new growth.

I wish you abundance in the coming year–health, happiness, success. Bright blessings to each of you, and my sincere thanks for journeying with me this year. xo

Patchwork Quilt


One comment

  1. I am sorry I missed this on your wall. I’ll have to go back and see what kinds of quilts are out there. Mine needs mending. The edges are worn and probably could use a new trim thing on the edges. I can add more, years build on each other. It is still doing what it is supposed to, though. Comforting, warming, and a good nest lining. It isn’t quite the shape I thought it would be when it was started this last January, but it covers me when I scrunch up. It will be a good start to add on to-

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