In The Beginning…..

Before photography, I tried a number of creative endeavors….but none of them stuck. Then we purchased our first computer (a monstrous Dell, with a huge back end) and received a free FugiPix digital camera as a bonus. Before that, I had an Advantix; photo manipulation appealed to me and I realized that I needed a different kind of camera. That same year, I received a blue hydrangea plant for Mother’s Day (thank you, Bryan and Kerrie!); we planted it outside and this image was one of my first forays into macro photography.

Six years and thousands of shots (and another camera, a Canon Power Shot) later….I still love photography. It stuck; I finally discovered my niche, my perfect creative outlet, one that utilizes my flair for color and composition. Some of those early shots, like this one, remain among my favorites. As we grow, it’s good to remember where we began.

Hydrangea, Version II, Prev Edits, R+1.12, FB&W85 E0        DSCF1882



  1. Your hydrangea is beautiful and I can’t imagine not seeing your artistic flair on Facebook. You have a great vision and that is where you’re growth becomes apparent. I know nothing about cameras of photography (that is my daughter’s niche), but I do know what is beautiful to me.

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