Finding Family

I’ve always said that we have two families in life: the one we’re born into and the one we make along life’s journey. And while some are blessed with emotional abundance in their core family so often it’s the second one–those we choose or who choose us–that understands us, lifts us up when we need it, makes us feel whole and loves without judgement. The more people I meet the more I see our commonality, the thread of kinship that connects us all, across barriers of race, color, creed, and geographic location. In today’s world, distance has no meaning; through technology, the world sits at our doorstep, as close as our computer, phone, television. Nothing happens that we aren’t instantly made aware of….and that’s both a blessing and a curse.

As the holiday season approaches I am mindful of the healing our world is so much in need of. We must become better stewards of our planet and its resources, just as we must remember that we are all brothers and sisters, one family. The greatest gift we can give is that of tolerance, patience, kindness, acceptance. Love, unconditionally. And begin with those who need it most, even though they are most often the ones to refuse what is offered.

Be a light in the darkness, a strong beacon of hope, not just today but every day, and may the true spirit of the season linger in your heart long after the last package is unwrapped.

Christmas  Card 015, Adj Thresh, -42 T83

Blessing and love to all! xo



  1. This is a beautiful post and so, so true! Celia, every Christmas my wish is that the warmth and love that everyone begins to find in their heart, continues long after Christmas is over (forever would be wonderful).

  2. I am so glad you are a part of my family. You have brought color, depth, laughter, and knowledge. I find each day things from you and am a better person.

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