I’ll Be The First To Admit…..

….that I don’t know a lot about the way a computer works. Most of the time, I just hope it does. And when it doesn’t, my first reaction is usually blind panic–my life is inside that machine!

Over the past three weeks I had to take the computer in to have a power source replaced…and I was without it for a week while the part was ordered, the Columbus Day holiday delayed receiving it, and finally, getting it back home. When I tried to access my blog, however, I found myself unable to access my dashboard functions, couldn’t write a new post. I was treated like any other visitor to my page and invited [via a blue-flag that popped up in the lower right corner] to become a follower. Not exactly what I was aiming for! Obviously, I overcame the obstacle. That I did so without having to call our local computer guru [again] is a source of some pride….although I did ask a trusted friend’s opinion. And….since I sort of blundered into the solution, it remains to be seen if I can duplicate my success. Stay tuned….

Meanwhile, I leave you with this image of a yard windmill, shot in September (this year) while visiting my sister in Cedarburg, WI, for their annual Wine and Harvest Festival. I have a small windmill in the yard here at home–this one was a monster! As was the price tag: $1,200, generously reduced to $500 in hopes of a quick sale. Assuming I’d wanted it badly enough to pay that amount, the next problem would have been getting it back to Iowa. I don’t think it would have fit in our Jeep!

I hope this latest post finds you all well, and busily perfecting your various crafts. I look forward to catching up!

Comments always welcomed and appreciated. xo

Blades, Color Wash, Crop II, Rotate, Watermark              Cedarburg Weekend, Sep 19-20, 2015 168



  1. I was really worried when you fell of the face of the internet, Celia. Whoever said that cyber buddies were not real friends. You should be very proud of handling the issue by yourself, with a little help from a trusted friend. Also, that windmill is a real beauty.

  2. I had to bookmark the wordpress edit page, because when I looked for my blessing blog–I got the blog. it is interesting how some blogs work. with blogspot, you can access it all from one page. with wordpress you access from a different page, but from the edit page you can do TONS of things (the reader icon is awesome!!). On weebly, well, you not only access it from elsewhere, you can’t comment until you are logged off and your comments appear as any other persons. very strange. Am so glad you are back, though. I do love to follow you in my readership!

  3. Like Facebook, WordPress can be a strange, capricious animal. Some of my fellow bloggers have experienced problems but until recently, I had sailed through relatively unscathed. Sometimes it takes just a little tweak to fix the problem; other times, it’s more complex. For any other who might experience what I did…..I accessed my page through the Log In function. If I’d known it would be that simple, I would have tried it sooner. Live and learn!! 🙂 I’m glad to be back….and it’s nice to know there are people who look forward to reading my humble scribbling.

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