My Apologies….

Sometimes, in spite of our best intentions, life demands our attention and takes precedence over blogging. Family is my first priority and, recently, my youngest son, Bryan(a talented tattoo artist), left Iowa for Pennsylvania to take the next step in his rapidly blossoming career. While I am excited for him it was so difficult to see his family go–his lovely wife Kerrie, like another daughter to me, and their beautiful daughter, Ireland, who will turn four in early November. We spent as much time with them as possible and sent them on their way with love, a part of our hearts, and quite a few tears.

Now that things are (somewhat) back to normal, I find myself at the end of the Summer season, with Fall poised in the wings. It seems everything is happening early this year! I look out my windows and see yellow leaves pirouetting to the ground in a spiral dance. Dry leaves line the walkway to our front door, and my flower beds are finished blooming–all but one lone day lily (a black variety, very difficult to photograph) and a few valiant zinnias. The last of the hollyhocks, bravely pink, anchor the raspberry patch. The flower beds are full of fried seed heads and brown brittle stalks. Irises need to be cut back, and the gardens ‘put to bed’ for next year. Apples and grapes are ripening. Where did Summer go?

I leave you with a collection of images, most of them shot over the past couple of days…the last hurrah of my garden. I appreciate you, my loyal followers, who make this blog possible, and I send blessings to you all.

XO, Celia

9 Images, Garden Montage       Ribbet collage



  1. Celia, I have empathy for you. I know the feeling of an adult child and their family packing up and moving away. Two of mine have done this and one lives in Glen Rose, Texas. The other only four hours away in Central Illinois, but still too far to be involved on a day to day basis. My grandchildren spent more time at my house than they did at their own. Lol It was very difficult, indeed! But, I learned that love transcends distance and like with everything else, we become accustomed to the way things are. I still have a son and his family close by, so I do get to visit with my other four grandchildren often.

    Family must be the priority. They are the only constant in life, at least in mine, they are. Thank you for posting your beautiful collage in spite of your bittersweet heart. XO

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