After heavy rain, lilies take on a transparency that underscores their inherent fragility and short blooming cycle, making this Prairie Blue Eyes bloom appear to be fashioned from gauze. Minimal editing, just darkened slightly to enhance the texture.

Wishing you a beautiful week! xo

Fragile, Prev Edits+FB&W57, Watermark             Evening Flowers, Vol II  JUL 18 2015 091

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It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Spotted this little guy while shooting newly opened day lilies; if he hadn’t been on a red lily petal, I might have missed him–he’s barely more than a couple of inches long! I hope this trio of images brightens your day. Happy July!

3 images, little green frog, sat-32             Ribbet collage

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Glory Days

I’ve been a bit remiss about posting lately; it’s Summer, and something is always happening. New flowers are opening daily and I’m outside with my camera, preserving their beauty with my lens. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!) By way of an apology, I offer this collage of my beautiful day lilies….from my garden, to you, my faithful followers. I appreciate every one of you! Here’s hoping you are all well and enjoying your Summer, too. 🙂

Glory Days                Ribbet collage

The Silent Old

We sit alone,
among the faded echoes
of once-bright memories,
now grown cold.
We are the silent old.

Life dances by
on younger, swifter feet,
no one stops
to greet us; we are invisible,
unseen, unheard,
hungry for a word
to shatter sorrow’s hold.
We are the silent old.

Time like a thief
has stolen all
but this frail shell;
husbands, wives,
lovers, friends are gone,
passed beyond our reach.
Of us, nothing remains
to say. Our story’s told.
We are the silent old.

And so we wait.
A smile,
a moment of your time,
a hand, however brief, to hold,
so little given, yet it
lifts up our day.
Remember us,
we are the silent old.