If you follow my blog, you know my usual subjects are nature-oriented: flowers; sunsets; birds; cats. Every now and then, though, it’s fun to experiment. To push the envelope. Today I re-discovered ‘Mirror Frame,’ an editing tool I haven’t used lately…and one thing led to another (as it customarily does, with me). This is one of my favorites.

Infinity, Final Edit, Ex-11, B&W32m Watermark               Belltower, Crop II, Prev Edits, Slight Trim, Watermark                Rotated, Sat-63

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Sometimes, inspiration strikes in the unlikeliest places–you look at three ordinary objects and see the potential. Then comes the fun part, bringing the vision to life. This is a departure for me but the concept was compelling. Composed, shot, three elements.

Lola, Watermark                Last Night & Today  JUN 7&8 2015 001