Friday Musings….

Recent rain has left the landscape a rich, lush green, and with the leafing out of the trees the woods return to a place of magic and mystery, a green goddess guarding secrets. Early flowers are at the end of their blooming cycle….lilacs touched with rust, drooping, battered tulips. Scattered petals dot the grass, lending the illusion of a carpet of small flowers. Iris and peonies are cuing up for their showy debut….spring peppers singing down at the pond. A lone woodpecker picks at peanuts in the feeder….a brilliant orange and black oriole touches down to sample some jam….the first hummingbird of the season appears at one of the nectar feeders, a tiny winged jewel. The scent of apples and spice rises from my morning cup of tea, and together, these sounds and scents and images are interwoven to form the tapestry of my day.

Partial Purple Tulip X2           Ribbet collage



  1. Wow, Celia, I too am thinking of a book. This post is amazing and your double ability with both prose and photo are astounding. I am just so happy you are in my Life. Your work inspires me. I too have just see a hummingbird yesterday! Love, Amy ❀

  2. Let’s keep each other encouraged, Amy. Selecting the images I want to use will be daunting, given my large archive. I can, however, narrow it down. And I will. Your work inspires so many, and I’m glad you’re part of my life, too. Love you! Celia ❀

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