Something in me yearns to live close to water, to learn the changing face of the waves, the sound of them murmuring or crashing on the shore, depending on the weather….the plaintive cry of gulls, unseen but heard, a glimpse of sail…the way the line smudges between the water and the sky until I can’t tell where one begins and the other ends….the silent fog that wraps everything in mystery….and a gentle wind to rock me into dreams…

2 Fog Images, Watermark               Ribbet collage



  1. Hi Celia,
    Thank you for your poetic description in words and photos. I grew up in Santa Cruz, California on the west coast in the Monterey Bay Area. Every day of my life I experienced what you so beautifully share in this post of yours. I now live in the desert of south west New Mexico and what you have written takes me back to the idyllic days I spent chasing waves and leaving my footprints in the magical wet sand. And the fog, oh the fog is so captivating!

    With your innate understanding of what the ocean coast has to give us I am sure you will fulfill your yearning to spend time among the waves.

    With much gratitude, Merriam

    • Hello, Marriam–I live in Iowa, and our house is close to Coralville Reservoir….but it’s not the same. We vacationed along the coast of the Great Lakes this past Summer, and that’s where these, and many other images, came from. I started missing it as soon as I couldn’t see it anymore. I’m pleased that you connected with this post, words and images, and am humbled by your lovely compliment. Moments like these are what art is about. Warmly, Celia 🙂

    • For the first time this past year, in December, I went out and shot landscape scenes. For is so interesting! I’m happy that you connected with this one, Amy. My dream? A bookshop in a small town, with a small lovely garden out back, packed with flowers. And room to live over the shop. There would be comfy vintage chairs for reading, and I’d sell my own cookies, tarts, and little cakes. Of course there would be tea, and coffee. And a cat or two for the shop….and for me. Isn’t dreaming fun? xo

      • My Dream? Having several books published of my work, living in a small coastal town where many eclectic people live. I would have tours and book signings, traveling around the world. My home is comfy, artsy, lots of books, cats and bright colors. I would have the ability to afford the camera equipment I want as my macro photography is well known. Many good dear friends live close by and we feel free to gather together to share fun, stories and good food. A quiet life, in a beautiful quiet town as I continue to write and take photographs of everything that brings me wonder and JOY. I’m smiling as I write this …. soul sighing …. Dreams upon the waves ….. With those around me working towards one goal … making this world a beautiful place.

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