A Child’s Prayer (for Ireland)….

When it gets dark
the birds and flowers
close their eyes
and say goodnight,
and God who loves them
counts the hours
and keeps them safe
’til morning’s light.

Dear Father, count the hours tonight
while I’m asleep
and cannot see,
and in the morning,
may the sun
shine for the birds, the flowers,
and me.

3 Images, A Child's Prayer             Ribbet collage

I love you, precious child….


Something in me yearns to live close to water, to learn the changing face of the waves, the sound of them murmuring or crashing on the shore, depending on the weather….the plaintive cry of gulls, unseen but heard, a glimpse of sail…the way the line smudges between the water and the sky until I can’t tell where one begins and the other ends….the silent fog that wraps everything in mystery….and a gentle wind to rock me into dreams…

2 Fog Images, Watermark               Ribbet collage