Waiting For The Twilight

I wanted to meet the Twilight,
to catch her unaware,
so I chose a perch in the apple tree
and waited for her there.

I listened to pick up
the sound of her passing,
my eyes looked for her everywhere;
the blue shadows danced
in the sun’s dying haze
and a playful breeze ruffled my hair.

And though I waited so patiently
I never did see her face:
Purple Twilight came silently,
slipping right by me,
and wrapped the day tenderly
in her embrace.

Shot III, E37, Crop, Ex-9                       Sunrise Sky MAR 13 2015 002

A heartfelt thanks to all my followers–and a special thanks for those who were added today. I am grateful for each one of you! 😀



  1. Celia, this post is a pure reflection of your beauty. Just so soft and Loving. I read your comment above, and I so want to encourage you, that yes, Celia, it really does get easier with time. Your work is incredible, please have Faith in yourself in this. It really does get easier. (((HUGS))) Amy

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