Minimalist Beauty

Yesterday a winter storm blew through our area, leaving behind ten inches of new snow. It’s a challenge to find good shots–the day of the storm, there wasn’t enough contrast. Today was sunny….and there was too much contrast. The sunset I was hoping for isn’t going to happen; the sky is clouding over and the light is quickly fading, leaving me with a black and white world. As I finished shooting outside and was walking back toward the house, I spotted this pair of brown leaves still clinging to the lilac bush. My best shot of the day was waiting for me right outside the door!

As you look at your world today, search for the unexpected. Or the familiar, presented in an unexpected way.

2 Leaves, Toast Drop Shadow Frame, Watermark      More Snow, Juncoes, Feb 2 2015 038

I chose to border this image with a “drop shadow” effect in a complimentary color, to give you an idea of what it would look like framed. Thank you for viewing–and to all my followers, old and new alike, a heartfelt thanks! xo



  1. That is how it usually works, Celia … those things right under our very noses are the best shots to take. I’ve learned I do not have to go far at all to find Treasure. LOVED this shot! You did a wonderful job with these leaves! Thank you. Love, Amy

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