Winter Bird

Winter brings new birds to the feeder, ones that we don’t see during the warmer months. One of my favorites, the junco (a female), is featured here. They’re small (about sparrow-sized), dark, and quick moving, so getting an image I’m satisfied with is challenging. But that’s part of the lure of photography–striving to improve, honing my craft. When we lose that desire we stop growing. So here’s to a new year, filled with challenges and possibilities, and a continuing thirst to capture and share the world’s wonder and beauty.

F Junco II, Version II, Prev Edits+Bokeh, Int22, WhiteMist69 20, Ex-11Sh17, Watermark        Ex, Sh&ClarAdj, E44, Crop       Birds, Sun Dogs  JAN 9 2015 032



    • Wow, a double compliment–thank you so much! I always feel like it’s a risk to write more than a few words of description to go with my photos, so I’m pleased that you like this piece. Writing has always been easy for me and when I started blogging again, a year ago, I wrote one piece a week. Then I started using my photos and it just took off and ran from there. Who knows what this year will bring? 🙂

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