Why I Blog….

Today, one of the blogs I follow (Friendly Fairy Tales, Brenda Davis Harsham) wrote a post about why she blogs, and at the end, she invited others to share their reasons. Here are mine:

I blog because…artist don’t create in a vacuum. Because the world has enough ugly. I blog to share suspended moments in time, in the only way I know to do that.

I blog because it exposes me to a wider world view, because through blogging I meet and interact with people I otherwise wouldn’t. When someone takes the time to comment that a particular photo has resonated with them, touched them emotionally or lifted their spirit, it’s immensely satisfying. It tells me that someone out there “gets” what I’m trying to convey, through my images. And for me, that’s what it’s all about.

Fencepost and Grass Heads, Version II, Watermark         Crop, Ex&Sh Adj        AM Fog Walk   JAN 03 2015 134
Walk on a Foggy Morning

Why do you blog? I’d love to know.



  1. beautiful, C. my first blog is strictly for family. To keep everyone (specially when Tony was overseas) up to date with phrasing and photos you can’t really do on a social media site. My second one is for me. It isn’t published as of Jan 7, 2015, it will be!

  2. I love what you said, “because the world has enough ugly”. Your photos certainly shine with beauty that chases away the ugly. My reason for blogging is more of a practical reason. After the heartbreak of losing my writings three different times since 2007 ( Two computers crashed on me and when I moved I lost my writing portfolios) I chose to start a blog of my journaling and poems because I needed a “safety deposit box” for them. I also wrote about why I blog. I wrote a post titled “My Blog Has My Back” describing why I started blogging. It is Interesting that the topic is in the air.

    • Thanks for the uplifting comment. I would recommend saving your writing somewhere safe, other than in your computer. Thumb drives aren’t all that expensive, and then there’s Dropbox–you begin with 2G free, and can add more. There’s also Carbonite, but you’ll pay a monthly fee for that one. With anything that can’t be replaced, safe is better than sorry. I feel for your loss–I don’t know what I’d do if I lost all my photos!

  3. You are welcome. Your photos are very uplifting. Thank you for recommendations and your empathy. I will get a thumb drive and check into Dropbox. I am learning what you said and I agree that safe is better than sorry.

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