What Has My Attention Today….

No, it’s not a flower! We’re lucky to live on a property that is semi-wooded, so we see a large variety of birds. Putting up feeders helps, too, especially during the Winter months. The Northern “Yellow Shafted” Flicker is an elusive bird but today, he’s been around a lot. I’m grateful for the gift of his presence, and the opportunity to capture him with my camera. This trio is the best of the dozen or so shots I took.

As the year draws to a close, it’s normal to feel somewhat introspective, as we pause to take stock of what 2014 has brought to each of us, and look ahead to 2015. I don’t make “resolutions,” per se, but I do set goals. As always, #1 on my list is to keep learning and growing as a photographer.

Thanks to each of you who follows my blog–you keep me motivated! To you and yours, may 2015 bless you abundantly with health, happiness, and prosperity.

Flicker Trio        Ribbet collage



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