Zinnia Duo…Dark and Light

I have an ongoing love affair with many-petaled flowers: daisies, dahlias, zinnias, roses. Like snowflakes, no two are alike, painted with colors that put an artist’s palette to shame. From tightly furled bud to partially open flower, to the breathtaking beauty of the full bloom in the height of perfection, to the drying petals as the blossom fades–I love it all. It was flowers that drew me to photography and they remain one of my strongest subjects.

This duo highlights two very different white zinnias, one dark, one light. Nature is full of contrasts and contradictions, a world where beauty and brutality walk hand in hand. While it can’t be improved upon, it’s fun to try.

Zinnia, Light and Dark    Ribbet collage

Thank you to all my followers, and if you’re stopping by for the first time….welcome. If you like what you see, leave me some love. 🙂


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