Sunrise From Space

Evolved through a complex series of editing applications, much like “Painted Parasol.” And, as often happens, the end result suggests the title.

Sunrise From Space, Final Trim, Watermark        Fading White Zinnia, FB&W, Slice + Smudge 0.5, Darken   Geese and Zinnias, 9-20-2012 079

To get the full viewing effect, open a new window.



  1. Celia, I see you have been studying. LOL This is gorgeous! Just a gorgeous piece of art that again really tugs at my Heart. This is so soft and gentle and beguiling …. just beautiful. Thank you. Love, Amy

  2. Oh, Amy, you are so sweet, girl! Sometimes images come about through a series of happy accidents. I sort of followed the tools I used for Painted Parasol, and ended up with this…after cropping, adjusting, applying soft focus, etc. I’mm pleased that you like it–I’m using it as my current desktop background. My husband likes it, too. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend; we’re waiting for snow to start here. xo, Celia

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