Alchemy: Painted Parasol

From the archives. I nearly deleted this shot until something whispered, “Take another look.” Sometimes, the possibilities aren’t immediately apparent and in this case, I’m happy I didn’t follow my first instinct! The editing process is a bit like alchemy–you begin with a photo, bits of this and that are added, subtracted, until you arrive at the finished image. This one reminds me of a hand-painted silk parasol, hence the name.

Painted Parosol, Watermark      DSCF0277 (4), Seamless JW, Rays II, Diff, Ex-10

Just for fun, here’s the original photo, the genesis of the image.

DSCF0277 (2)

In the book I’m currently reading (NOS4A2, Joe Hill) the author described the difference between an adult and a child as the difference between imagination and resignation. In accepting one, we lose the other. Artists need to retain a healthy imagination, so essential to creativity. Never stop wondering, “What if?”


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