Garden Enchantment

Gardens are places of magic and enchantment where rose-pink hollyhocks sprinkled with pollen and kissed by fairy lights lift their faces to the sun…

Enchanted Garden, Watermark       Afternoon Shots  June 12 2012 028



      • Honey, it is as dreary as it gets here in WNY. I’m struggling today, so I figured I will reach out and boost those around me because that makes me feel so good doing. I do have a bit of news that brought Great Relief to me today. I called Canon again about loosing my AF. The man who I ended up talking to was half awake as I was, and he was SO nice that he talked me through if I had sent my camera in for service. IT WORKED. I have my AF back AND this KIND man saved me about 200 dollars in repair costs. Not only that, he when I asked, recommended which camera body that would fit me. No hesitation and he told me which body. NOT the most expensive one, mind you, but one under $1,000. Deeply grateful for this man’s help today, my friend, and so I pass on that goodness to you and others. My “dream” is to have 2 camera bodies …. one that I can have my macro on ALL the time, and another to have one of my two lenses on and ready to go. I just got a new laptop so for now, budget has to be maintained. Perhaps for Christmas I’ll luck out this year (GRIN!) and Santa will be sure to come to our house. OK! Time for me to run next door to feed barn cats. Yippee!!! Our neighbors do not care for these cats right, so yes, I stepped in. Thanks for the ear, friend. Hope you have a smile on your face now. (((HUGS))) Amy

  1. I AM smiling–mission accomplished! It’s winder here, too, and the sun is flirting in and out of the clouds.

    It appears that you know more about cameras than I do. I have a Canon Power Shot SX30 IS and it’s always on AP. The instruction booklet is a joke. The hubs tells me “just start pushing buttons; you can’t break it.” Uh….no thanks! I don’t want to be without a camera ‘cuz I’m betting I COULD break it! I should take it into a photo shop in Cedar Rapids and have someone show me what it can do. Right now, it’s like a 10-speed bike, and I’m only using one gear. Laters, girl! xo

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