• It’s simple, Amy (although I do love it when I can amaze someone!). Google “ribbet,” which will take you to Ribbet.com, a free photo editing site (there are several online sites that are tree; I like ribbet, which used to be Picnik). One of the tools is called neon; it’s set to red as the default color but you can change it. I like white, which I call chalkboard. Once you have your neon outline, go into basic editing tools and click on exposure–start amping that up until you like the effect. And you’re done! This works best with simple images that don’t have a lot of background “noise.” Some of ribbet’s tools are “premium” (read “costs to use”) but they offer free premium trials periodically. I highly recommend playing with it! I also like PicMonkey, which is similar, but has features Ribbet doesn’t. Between the two, you should have plenty of options. Check them out and have fun! xo

      • NICE, Celia!!! I have some more photo software to play with! LOL I have my favs, but sometimes I like to start playing around in one or two that I don’t use often just to see what kind of effect I can get. One image that is coming this week is like that. I have NO idea what all I did LOL because I was in and out of so many editors in so many different programs, just kept on playing. This image just has TOO much in it and I just couldn’t get it to look balanced. So I began to experiment with special effects. What I ended up with is different from most of my work, but I like it. At the very least, I learned more. I hope you enjoy it. I am not too sure what words will leap out at me to go along with this pic, (the words I have written on my yellow pad of paper) but I am sure some shall. It will either be Weds. or Friday that this image will be up. I took some really detailed photos which I found are not easy to get a smooth, balanced look with. I plan on checking these two programs out. Goodie! More toys! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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