Every photographer is drawn to certain types of subjects. Flowers is a broad category, and I find them endlessly fascinating–the variety and the shape of the petals, the colors. Equally fascinating is what remains when the flowers are finished blooming; there is a poignancy to spent blooms that has me returning to capture their unique beauty, time after time.

Untitled, Watermark      Before the Storm June 3 2014 014

Thanks for stopping by–and if the images moves you, leave me some love. 🙂


  1. Now I have time to comment, Celia. I adore this image. There is still so much beauty to behold. I in fact, just yesterday took closeups of my spent roses and what is left behind. The beauty like with this image, brought a catch to my throat. They each tell a very poignant story all by themselves. Bless you for seeing as I do. I am thrilled we each are contributing to Beauty in this world so that that the ugliness will eventually be pushed away. Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Amy

  2. There is something about the poignancy of spent flowers….roses, lilies, peonies. After I posted this one I thought about calling it “Cinderella In Rags.” I’m pleased that you connected with this piece; I’m often amazed by the similarities in subject matter I’m finding in other photographers. And I agree–there can’t be too much beauty in the world. xo, Celia

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