Fading Peony, Crop II, FB&W, S&T Adj, Watermark           Before the Storm June 3 2014 016



  1. Wow! My Peonies never looked like this one. Again, your flowers touch me in a way I am not able to put into words. I just stared at this, just soaking it in. Thank you, Celia. Love, Amy

    • I had to go back to my post to see which peony image you were commenting on; it’s the white one that’s on its way “out” (see all the littel dark flecks?). Flowers in full bloom are gorgeous but there’s something about the fading ones that grabs at me, too. I chose to emphasize the center color to give it a little more punch. I’m pleased that you liked it, and that it struck a chord with you. Much love, Celia

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