Bowed But Not Defeated

Working in the archives today, primarily with cat shots, and as I scrolled through images from 2012 this one stood out. What grabbed my attention was the pose; cropping it just a little and taking the color saturation down gave me the effect I was looking for.

I’m sure I caught this kitten in the act of grooming but I was strongly reminded of how life continually challenges us, and how we respond to those challenges. Because we are resilient, sometimes we bow for a time, emerging from our trials strengthened, with a new awareness of how close the line is between bending and breaking.

Bowed But Not Broken, Sat-66, Crop, Watermark      Those Crazy Cats 011



  1. I just read this post AFTER I replied to your comment regarding my challenging week. Yes, we do learn how to bend and become flexible. If not we will break. Great post and I absolutely adore that kitten!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Thanks, Any–left a comment for you, too. I always find it interesting, when taking photos of cats and birds in particular, how they seem to have expressions that mirror human emotions. This is one example, and I’m pleased that you liked it. And….the kitten found a forever home with a member of my family, so that story has a very happy ending. They named him Punkin, and they absolutely adore him. 🙂

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