In Defense of Art

I don’t really think art needs defending; it’s a broad medium, with definitions as unique as the artists who create it.

What does art mean to me? Life. Breathing. Seeing with more than my eyes. Interpreting. Growing, stretching the limits. Experimenting. Learning what works and what doesn’t. It means appreciation of the beauty inherent in all things and reflecting it back through my own particular vision, putting something positive out into the world. Because let’s face it, the world can be–and certainly is–a scary place. Whatever each of us can do to enhance and magnify the positive can only be to everyone’s benefit.

So when someone asks, “What do you do,” stand up proudly and reply, “I am an artist.”

Flip Side, Crop, Sat-12+Bokey70 82, Watermark        Lily Arrangement, Cats July 7 2014 024

Bouquet of mixed lilies and other flowers, shot earlier this Summer.

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