Ruffled Feathers

When I’m shooting photos, about 90% of what I end up with is throw-away, shots I’ll never use. Some are merely passable; some are pretty good. Others are out of focus, or just not what I was aiming for (no pun intended). Photographers don’t strive to take photos that are “pretty good.” They strive for the best–in composition and clarity, images that don’t require a lot of editing to make them shine. That doesn’t happen every day…but when it does, you recognize it, because the image gives you goosebumps.

Over the past several days I’ve been documenting the nest-choosing process of a pair of wrens. Most of them fall into the “pretty good,” category and a few are fun, if for nothing else than the poses of the birds. Today, I happened to catch a solo wren as it went about its grooming process–ruffling its feathers, ridding itself of opportunistic insects. I took a total of thirteen photos; these two are the best of the lot. They represent the pinnacle, what every photographer hopes to see when he or she puts his shots on the computer, and so seldom does.

As shot, cropped and enlarged.

Thanks for viewing–comments always welcome.

Ruffled Feathers, Watermark      Nuthin' But Wrens June 23 2014 004Ruffled Feathers II, Watermark       Nuthin' But Wrens June 23 2014 007



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