Butterfly Wings

I’m not a “trained” photographer; I’ve never taken any classes. If you started talking exposures or lighting or f-stops, or any other technical term, you’d get a blank look from me. What I don’t know about photography would fill more than one book on the subject. Here’s what I do know:

You learn by doing (true of a lot of endeavors).

Keep your shots. All of them (within reason). I like looking back at older photos, because they provide me with a benchmark, a way to measure my progress.

Shoot what you love–if your heart isn’t in it, your finished work will reflect that.

Everyone has a style; find yours. Don’t be an imitation of someone else.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Not everything will be a success; you’ll learn as much from your failures as you will from your successes. Sometimes more.

Keep shooting. And above all–remember to have fun!

Butterfly Wings, Watermark      Fallen Hickory, Booth, Goldfinch   June 30, 2012 049

I paired this particular image with a texture I like to call “stained glass.” By fading it until it’s barely there (-80%), it gives the petals the look of a butterfly’s wings.


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