Brothers II

Meet Finn and Rascal, two of three kittens whose mother had some Siamese characteristics. All three kittens were different–Finn has the “typical” Siamese markings, and his mother’s startling turquoise eyes. Rascal is a lightly striped ginger tom. Merlin (not shown here) had charcoal and white markings. It was fun to watch them grow, and play. This particular shot is from their kitten days.

Brothers, E71, Crop; Ex-6, Orton99 59 39, Watermark      July 28, 2012 028

See additional photos of my cats in the gallery collection, “Nuthin’ But Cats.”



    • Thanks! Cats are so photogenic, and they’re not hard to photographic–all you have to do is hang out where they are, and be patient. These two are Peanut (the black and white) and Jaxx (the tabby). There was a third cat in the litter, a ginger tom, who found a forever home with the mom of my daughter-in-law. She named him Punkin. I love stories with happy endings!

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