Sometimes I think I should have titled my blog “Purple,” as it seems that more than a few of my flowers are in various shades of that color. I love purple…but it so happens, that’s what’s blooming here now. Irises, in predominately purple hues, chives (pinkish-purple), and peonies, both pink and white. It’s a little soon for the daylilies, and those are a mix of colors, including yellows and oranges.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, I waited impatiently for my clematis to bloom. I checked the buds daily. Counted them (there were 18). In the meantime, I had lilacs to occupy me. One morning, I discovered two clematis blooms had opened and by the end of that day, there were a dozen. I photographed them daily for the next week. Their season of beauty is too brief, and the recent rain knocked a lot of petals off….but while they bloom, they make me smile.

Clematis III, Watermark       Cats, Peonies, Clematis Thursday Evening June 5 2014 009



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