Bull Shot

One weekend toward the end of October, last year, Kevin took me driving around looking for interesting old barns to shoot. At one of the places we stopped (no one was home), I took a photo of their bull. I asked Kevin, “Do cows bite?” His response? “Stick your hand through the fence and find out.”

I stayed on my own side of the fence…and I didn’t stick my hand through!

Bull, Close Crop II, FB&W8+Orton38, Watermark           Barn Shots 10-27-2012 014

One Shot, Three Applications

I love the range of applications available in editing my images. I don’t always use one; it depends on the look I’m trying to achieve, the audience I want to reach. Black and white is a timeless, classic look.

B&W Peony, Ex-36Hi9, Soft50, Watermark     Birds, Cats, Still More Peonies June 6 2014 007

And there’s no denying that full color shots can be show-stoppers, but if an image is too saturated it doesn’t always print well–at least in my experience. I strive for a natural look and sometimes that means toning down the color a bit.

Full Peony, B&W42+Orton100 15 38, Watermark    Birds, Cats, Still More Peonies June 6 2014 007<a

There's a third option–and I doubt I'm the first to think of it–that I refer to as "color wash." I take the saturation all the way down to black and white and then add just the tiniest bit of color back. It's a different approach, a softer look, and again, it depends on your audience. And personal choice. I like giving my viewers, and my clients, choices.

Full Peony, B&W42+Orton100 15 38; Repeat BW Fade+Orton, Watermark        Birds, Cats, Still More Peonies June 6 2014 007

Which one speaks to you? I’d love to know. Comments always welcome.