They Really Do

Who doesn’t love hummingbirds? They’re tiny and colorful, like small flying jewels. Until moving to our present location in 1993, I didn’t have much chance to observe them at close range. I remember the first time one buzzed past me–I thought it was a very large bee! Besides the big bird feeder, we have several hummingbird feeders scattered around the yard, most within easy view. You can purchase pre-packaged nectar (just add water) but it’s ridiculously easy to make: one part sugar, four parts water. Tint red. Hummingbirds are partial to the color. You can also plant flowers that will attract them to your garden. Out here, they like wild columbine, but it doesn’t bloom all season. Hence the supplemental feeding.

Our home is situated on a 3-acre lot, semi-wooded. It’s home to a variety of bird species, as well as other creatures, and over the years I’ve had time to become better acquainted with these delightful birds. The most surprising thing? They rest. They’re not in perpetual motion, as I’d once thought. They perch on the edge of the feeders. On wire fencing. On tree branches. And for that brief moment, you can see them clearly.

At Rest

At Rest


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