Finding Courage

Creative people seem to have been born with extra sensitivity, especially where their work is concerned. I’m no different. Although I’ve been taking photos for several years I’m just now finding the courage to share them with a wider audience, through this blog. I also have a Facebook page but viewing is restricted to the people in my friends list. It’s small, and safe. Sharing my photos here is stepping beyond that protective circle, daring to face a wider world and loudly proclaiming, “This is who I am, and what I do.” Scary stuff.

I have the usual bag of neuroses: fear of rejection; fear that my photos aren’t good enough; fear of the opinions (and possible judgments) of others. Fear, period. It’s something I battle on a daily basis. I’ve made a pact with myself, this year, to be more courageous–hence, finding other venues to share my vision, my perspective on the world. My work is a reflection of my surroundings, what I see when I look through the lens. Or rather, what I see that makes me want to photograph it.

Through this blog I am coming to know others like me, people who feel they have something to say, or art to share. Or both. I feel privileged to have a window into other lives, other cultures, so different from my own experience. We all have that same drive to create, to reach out, and it affirms that at the core, we’re one people, regardless of geography or personal beliefs.

To all of you who have liked my photos, have taken the time to leave comments, my heartfelt thanks. The journey has barely begun, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.

Inside View II, Sepia Fade, Watermark       Barn Shots 10-27-2012 051


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