One Perfect Shot

As every photographer knows, “money shots” are rare. You know the kind I mean–all the elements are perfectly balanced, as shot, no contrast or color tweaking necessary. It does happen, though…and when it does, it’s thrilling. For that single, breathless moment, time stands still. Today, in spite of adverse shooting conditions (wind, fluctuating light, and a plague of gnats), I was lucky enough to capture this image.

First Peony

First Peony

Portrait of a Black Woman

I rarely take portraits, other than the occasional quick shot of my granddaughter at family gatherings. This woman was one of the vendors at a flea market in WI, and I was struck by her bearing and sense of style. When I asked if she minded me taking her picture she kept repeating, “I’m so shy.” I couldn’t get her to look at me, so I knelt and shot upward. I wish I’d taken the time to ask her name…

Black Woman with Umbrella, B&W Fade; FS, Watermark       Wisconsin Weekend, June  2011 296 (3)


When I’m shooting flowers, I never know what’s hidden in the photos until I enlarge them. Chive blooms are fairly small, about the size of a quarter. And ants? Who even notices them?

Chive Blossom II with Ants, Watermark      More clematis, Irises, et al 5-28-2014 023

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First Clematis

I’m not a patient person; ask anyone who knows me. Photography is teaching me that trait, however, as is nature. Everything in nature moves according to its own inner timetable. Flowers bloom when they’re ready, not when we want them to. Yesterday, the clematis buds were very close to opening–I could see a hint of color in their sealed heads. This morning I was rewarded with two blooms. Color me happy!

First Clematis, FB&W+FS, Watermark     First Clematis & Other Blooms 5-28-2014 021