Treasure where you're most afraid to go

Images in grey
shifting, changing,
elusive as tattered smoke
fragmented by the wind.

Afraid of what?

Of unknown, unseen things,
dark places
where cold hands reach out
to clutch and pull me down
into the icy pool
of loneliness and despair…

Of growing old–
time swiftly passing,
nothing accomplished,
nothing left behind to say to the world
I lived,
I was here…

Of having nothing to say
that anyone wants to hear…

I’m afraid.

What are your fears? Today, I challenge you to look at them honestly. To name them, out loud. To see that they’re nothing more than a prison of your own making. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, keeping you from reaching your full, joyous potential, name it and break its hold over you. It will take courage, but I promise you–you’re stronger than you know. Open the door to your prison…and walk away from it, free and strong.

Claim your treasure–it’s waiting for you.


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