Broken Wings

Tattered Wings Poster, Version II      Val's House May 3 2012 082Life is hard. It isn’t fair, either. Bad things happen to good people; the wicked thrive. At times, it can seem like everything is out of balance. Permanently.

When you’re in the trenches, when life is at its most challenging, it’s difficult to see the way ahead. Out of whatever has you in its clutches. Did you ask to have your boat rocked? Probably not. You want to slap the next person who reminds you that all things happen for a reason; you want to learn the lesson and skip ahead to the good part. Living as we are in today’s fast paced world, we’ve come to expect instant solutions. For everything. And life doesn’t work that way, a hard truth we often batter ourselves against.

We’ve all been in that place. We will be again. At the risk of sounding clichéd (and earning myself that slap), it’s also true that nothing lasts forever. Not even the good stuff. That doesn’t mean we can’t rise above our difficulties.

Affirmation is all around us, if we open our eyes. See past ourselves. It’s in the butterfly that manages to fly with tattered wings. And we, who have been gifted with so much more strength and inner resources than this tiny creature, can still fly, too.

Even with broken wings.


  1. Here it is, Saturday, March 18th and this has been sitting in my inbox for 5 days. I have been overwrought with issues this week. Had I only opened up to this message earlier, maybe the week wouldn’t have been so bleak. Your beautiful words, Celia, have once again opened my eyes. They have made me look around for what I have to be grateful. Thank you Spirit Sister! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. From my heart to yours…..I’m so glad this brought you some comfort, my Spirit Sister! Sometimes it takes a simple shift in perspective. We’re journeying together; sometimes one does the lifting, sometimes another. Helping hands are found all around us. I hope this coming week will be better…and I wish you peace, joy, and abundance in all things. ❤ ❤ ❤

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