No One Likes…

No One Likes

I saw this on Facebook today and because it caught my attention, I decided to share it here. As we grow, some of the things on this list will disappear: homework, school, fake friends, being ignored. Growing up is a painful process, one we all experience. Growing, however, is life-long, and some of these issues will spill over into our post-school years, such as fake friends and being ignored. And there will always be Mondays!

Any group of people tends to sort itself into sub-groups; we align ourselves with people we’re most comfortable with, both in the work place and in our personal lives. Social networks function similarly, although there is also the benefit of meeting people we might not have, otherwise. There is so much available to connect with–art, music, writing, reading, cooking, and more, with each new connection exposing us to a wider range of experience.

I have read many inspirational postings that resonate with me, thoughts I willingly share with others. There is a lot of negativity, too. That’s human nature at work, the yin and yang of it. Speaking for myself, I’d much rather begin any day on a positive note, and so I am mindful that what I surround myself with is my choice.

What will you choose to surround yourself with today? I challenge you to open your mind to new possibilities. Nothing grows in a vacuum.


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