A New Beginning . . .

I just spent the last half hour reviewing–and deleting–everything I’d posted here previously, entries and images dating back to August 2011!  I guess that demonstrates my commitment to blogging!  Originally, I joined as a way to showcase my photography but like everything else we make public, there is the danger of having one’s work hijacked.  I’ve experienced that and it’s painful, especially when the thief is a friend, someone you know and trust.  There’s little that can be done about it; you cut your losses and move on, sadder but wiser.

What struck me the most, in reviewing those old posts, was how much my photography has changed.  The photos that were posted here bear little resemblance to my current work, except as a yardstick with which to measure my growth as an artist.  I was, however, still pleased with the words I’d written.  Go figure!

I don’t think I’m the type to blog on a daily basis; my goal for the coming year is a weekly post.  That feels reasonable.  Goals should be something we can actually achieve, otherwise, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.  Failure is painful, and tends to make us withdraw.  To stop creating, stop sharing.  And that’s a loss for everyone.

I’ll leave you with this shot taken yesterday, after a 5-inch snowfall: frozen Haralson apples left on the tree.  We picked as many as we could, but these were well beyond our reach, even with ladders.

Frozen Apples, E&C    Goose; Snow   12-22-2013 049



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